JAG has seen several versions of E-NDMS through the years. Starting originally as a centralized data entry system, the original NDMS ran under DOS with ANSI screens. The next two versions were Windows applications distributed on 3.5" floppies. Finally, when the Internet became pervasive enough, NDMS moved to the web.

The technology behind E-NDMS is now somewhat archaic.  It was written during the time that Struts had just barely gained some recognition, and many of us were still using raw JSP's and Servlets.  Technology used in E-NDMS includes:

    • Java 1.4/1.5
    • JSP/Servlets
    • JJCC's Shepherd Server with Transaction Service
    • PostgreSQL 8.x

E-NDMS is currently the only project JJCC hosts on Amazon EC2.  While other services are often easier to manage for smaller projects, Amazon EC2 was the only viable option for E-NDMS.  The other alternatives would be too slow or too expensive.

In 2011, E-NDMS will receive its first major update since it was originally created in the late 1990's.